Cloud VPS-Shared Core

Are you thinking about the cost and still want to step into the next generation of security, flexibility and performance with cloud computing? CloudVPS -Shared Core will provide you with a whole new flexible experience in competitive price. No surprise bills, no lock-in, and the same price across every data center.

Why Choose Us?

Winning Deal

Cloud computing with effective and efficient investment


Faster, stronger & more secure


Scalable Cloud infrastructure


Choose an ‘off-the-rack’ plan or custom design


Easy monthly billing

Customer service

Free set up & 11/7 customer service

Why Choose Us?


Cloud infrastructure with no technical experience


Faster, stronger & more secure


Scalable cloud infrastructure


Choose an ‘off-the-rack’ plan or custom design


Easy monthly billing

Customer Service

Free set up & 11/7 customer service

Stay Ahead with
Shared Core

Zero Set-up Fees

It’s just as easy as plug and play. Click on the button, purchase it and there you have it. Your very own CloudVPS -Shared Core. You instantly get set the SSH/Shell access, and then keep enjoying unfiltered access to your CloudVPS.

Facilitate with - Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian etc.

Whatever your choice of Operating Systems (OS) and our Cloud is compatible with the worlds best. Whatever your needs or application requirements are, our cloud servers can handle it without a single glitch. Increasing your storage will take a couple of minutes and with a 0% data loss.

Budget-Friendly Pricing for Custom Solutions

Mix and match to custom create specifications for CloudVPS -Shared Core instances which work best for you. Modify memory, hard drive, bandwidth, operating system using our platform. If you want our experts to help you design a package which work best for you fill up the form below and we will get you there.

Expert Technical Support & Global Data-centers

Our data-centers are located in some of the best locations in the world including USA, Europe & Singapore. Combine that with SSD Servers, the very best team of engineers and the drive to provide our customers with the best, CloudVPS -Shared Core promises to give you the best service possible to manage your server.

Key Benefits

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Data Center Location

With effective and efficient cost management, one can easily get into cloud computing with CloudVPS -Shared Core. Mainly it suits for medium and small business with an anticipation of growth and sustainability. Choose an ‘off-the-rack’ plan or custom design your own package just the way you’re like it. We offer best quality with free set up & 24*7 customer service.

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Shared Core 1GB

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Shared CPU: 1
  • Storage: 25GB
  • Bandwidth: 1TB
Tk. 625 monthly

Shared Core 2GB

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Shared CPU: 1
  • Storage: 50GB
  • Bandwidth: 2TB
Tk. 1,250 monthly

Shared Core 4GB

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Shared CPU: 2
  • Storage: 80GB
  • Bandwidth: 4TB
Tk. 2,500 monthly

Shared Core 8GB

  • RAM: 8GB
  • Shared CPU: 4
  • Storage: 160GB
  • Bandwidth: 5TB
Tk. 5,000 monthly

Shared Core 16GB

  • RAM: 16GB
  • Shared CPU: 6
  • Storage: 320GB
  • Bandwidth: 8TB
Tk. 10,000 monthly

Paid Add-ons for Shared Core

To add these items, please select a package from above and add these from the cart*


Price per Month
(Items can be added from the cart)

Extra Storage- 10GB (Monthly)

Tk. 142

Extra Storage- 20GB (Monthly)

Tk. 283

Extra Storage- 50GB (Monthly)

Tk. 708

Load-Balancer (Monthly)

Tk. 1,417

cPanel – 1 Account (Monthly)

Tk. 2,125

cPanel – 2 to 5 Accounts (Monthly)

Tk. 3,117

SSL Certificate (Yearly)

Tk. 4,252

Shared Core 1GB

Tk. 625

Shared Core 2GB

Tk. 1,250

Shared Core 4GB

Tk. 2,500

Dedicated Core 4GB

Tk. 4,300

Dedicated Core 8GB

Tk. 8,500

Dedicated Core 16GB

Tk. 17,000

About ADN Diginet

ADN Diginet Cloud is the foundation of the ADN Diginet Ecosystem. Our goal is to simplify the purchase & usage of digital infrastructure for the average user.
ADN Diginet | Cloud was developed with the idea of simplifying the purchase, installation, and usage of web infrastructure in mind. Management of infrastructure for your web assets such as websites, applications, software & ERPs can be quite a hassle and requires an entire army of developers and engineers at your disposal. We are here to cut down those management costs for you while still delivering the best cloud hosting, computing & storage experience.

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Get the best in cybersecurity. Encrypt your websites, applications,
cloud software's with the best in SSL protection

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Converts Like a Machine


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How can I recover a lost password?

You should try to reset lost password yourself (Because of login security). STEPS: To get...

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How to determine the WordPress version?

Regulate the version of a WordPress installation: WordPress shows the version number at the...

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ABCD of DDOS and DNS A Records

It is mandatory that all DDOS shared hosting clients use Rivalhost Global Protected Name-servers...

Help & FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions and get started with
ADN Cloud Infrastructure

The on-demand virtual space of cloud computing has unlimited storage space and more server resources. Cloud servers can scale up or down depending on the level of traffic your website receives, and you will have full control to install any software as and when you need to. With traditional IT infrastructure, you can only use the resources that are already available to you. If you run out of storage space, the only solution is to purchase or rent another server. If you hire more employees, you will need these to be manually uploaded on your hardware
A dedicated CPU means that your company would have CPUs or cores that are exclusively assigned to you, and only you individually can use them

There are many ways your website can be slow- 

  • Your need to update your server package as you have a lot of traffics and web pages than before 
  • You might need to update your RAM, CPU or bandwidth to meet the growing need of your web page visitor 
  • Your website might need an CDN 
  • Your website might have some issues or bugs that prevents natural flow 
  • Your website can be built on backdated versions of languages, frameworks, architectures etc.  

We provide: 

  • Cloud Instances 
  • Load Balancers 
  • Volume Storage 
  • Block Storage 
  • SSL certification  
  • CPanel 
  • Domain 
A data center is a building, or a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems

Global Data Centers 

  • Atlanta 
  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt 
  • Fremont 
  • London 
  • Mumbai 
  • Newark 
  • Singapore 
  • Sydney 
  • Tokyo 
  • Toronto 

Worried About Hosting Hassles!​

Provide us with the responsibilities to speed-up and secure you online assets​.
Your search for the most reliable domain and hosting service now meets ADN Diginet. Reach us through social networking platforms, call us at our customer service numbers or drop an e-mail anytime.

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