Email Marketing Campaign – 7 Important Rules for Your First Campaign

Why Email Marketing Campaign?

Digital marketing is the most essential element for the success of a modern-day business. In the post-Corona world, Digital marketers will be the front line soldier in every industry. No new technology will be coming in anytime soon, no brand new marketing strategy will be coming any time soon. 

Conversion rate optimization is the only scale right now. and digital marketers are confirming a good CRO result by Email marketing campaigns. SMS marketing campaigns are helping too. Most of us are mixing them to make the most. You can do it too, just know your target market’s demand and design your campaign. 

Email Marketing Campaign

I will help you to do that. The plan is to talk about what to do for your first email marketing campaign. First of all, what is email marketing? Email marketing is a marketing process by which companies of any structure can send emails to their targeted audience or clients in bulk size for marketing purpose. 

Email marketing is like a rocket that can take you anywhere, any time to anyone you want. Having stores just in the physical world used to be enough back in past to ensure a dream ROI. But those days are gone. You need digital promotions to even sustain in this competitive industry. And, to expand your businesses you would need the best of marketing strategies and perform carpet marketing. 

And to get your brand stand out from the competitor crowd is something entirely different from just sales ensuring marketing tactics. Thanks to our modern technology, email marketing can serve us for both of these targets. Also, it is one of the easiest as well as the most budget-friendly ways to reach out to online customers in Bangladesh. 

Now, if you want to conduct a successful email marketing campaign it would be very important that you run it both efficiently and effectively. And to help you conduct a successful email marketing campaign, I am here with my 10 golden rules that can take you to your destination of success. Let’s start, shall we? 

Rule 01: Push Your Creativity But Keep it Discrete 

You can be creative, you can be unique but you got to keep it discrete for all reasons and purposes. Your emails need to have the ability to verbalise your words in a proper discrete way. 

And at the same time, you can design it as creative as you like just keep your audiences’ taste type in mind. Together your emails will be engaging. And, that’s the first step to success. This is one of the key factors to draw your customers’ attention to your services and products. 

To design the emails we can use any kind of email builder. You get an all set ready to launch email builder from ADN Email to design your emails very easily. Also, there are many email building software that you can get on online too. 

A good email builder will help you conduct a discrete attractive email design. Keep in mind, for a good email builder you want to look out for user-friendly interface. 

You can save plenty of time while developing a optimize and personalize your email campaigns. If you manage to get the best email building tool that suits your needs fulfils your customers’ requirements you would not need any help from your technical teams. 

You would not even need any creative designing experience to use the email builder tool. 

Rule 02: Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email automation is like an assistant that never sleeps. You can easily set up your email campaigns with detailed plans based on which your automation tool will trigger the emails in due time. You would need to pick the right automation tool first. This will help the entire process. You will not believe how much it can improve the customer experience for your service or your product. 

You can also ensure a very effective impact on your customer more so than just template like regular welcome emails. There is this one new thing you can also try. Dynamic emails. 

You can personalize your emails based on the data you have associated with your customers regarding their online browsing and purchase behaviour.

This will ensure that you will send the right kind of messages at the very right time to the curtain customer every time. That too without even lifting a finger. We consider this to be one of the biggest benefits of the email automation solution. But there are more benefits to it, keep on reading to know them.

bulk email marketing campaign

Rule 03: Design You Email Marketing Campaign Compatible for Different Devices

I always advise my team to design our emails in such ways so that the emails will be compatible with all the available devices in the market. Take for examples, smartphones, laptop of all types, our aged old friend desktops and other devices like tablet and all. Overall of these, I would always suggest you pay extra attention to mobile devices for you know why. This includes tablets too. 

This is because maximum consumers in our industries are on their smartphone along with tablets these days. This is now their primary device of choice to check their emails. No wonder about 73% of the globally known companies now pay more attentions mobile email marketing campaign in modern days. 

Rule 04: Know You, Customers, Classify Them 

Our first goal is to get our customers involved in our businesses. And for that, we would need a specific plan. We need to execute them properly. We need to know who we are reaching out to. We would need to know who will buy our products or services. 

We all know about Corporate social responsibility (CSR). We plan to perform our activities that not only going to involve our customers but also will help us with CSR. Take, for example, we can conduct our email marketing campaigns in such a way that can co-ordinate for contemporary fundraising events like natural disasters or pandemic.

Think about it, you can help the people in need as well as make a solid foundation for your brand by this. This will help you out with CSR activities too. That is the beauty of email marketing campaign when done right.

Rule 05: Make Newsletters Your Game

Newsletters are our aged old veteran friend who is still going strong. Still to this day integrating newsletter with our calender scheduling is one of our most effective ways of keeping our customers in touch. 

Take, for example, let us can talk about Pathao. They tend to flood us by emails and OTT. Now if you want to apply carpet marketing like them you can try newsletter as a sure success tactic. One of the best ways to in the market right now. 

Rule 06: Buildup a Subscription-Based Database 

Have an email subscription option on every single landing page on your site. You can then automate emailing them on their birthdays and your company’s special days. 

You can always email them discount offers as a part of your email marketing campaign. 

Email Marketing Campaign

Rule 07: Try Building up Marketing Partnerships from the Gun

Do you know who is your best and most effective salesman? I hope you got it right. Yes, it is your happy customers. Now you can take this theory based idea to practical life. Want to know how? 

Develop co-marketing partnerships with other companies to sell your email marketing campaign system. Partner up with companies who are already taking your services and serving more clients. Personally, I prefer both co-marketing and resell partnership over just one term sales agreements.

Well, if you are new in the market and are not quite familiar with this partnership idea, just think about telecom companies. Think of all the times they promote ride-sharing apps to us, their customers. First of all, how do they do it? They send us emails and SMS with personalised discount codes. 

So it helps you and those ride-sharing companies. Now, how this system helps the telecom companies? These ride-sharing companies go in agreement with the telecom companies, whenever why to use our personalised code, these telecom companies gets a cut. It is a win-win system for both of them. Try the same ideology for your email marketing campaign.

Now you get it? The email marketing campaign is all about how you tie everything down for your customers. At the end of the day, everything boils down to just one thing, you need to make your customers feel good that they get to be in touch with you be it through the email marketing campaign or anything you deem appropriate for your business. 

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