A complete customer engagement and
reward-based solution

This platform will help brands engage and reward both their existing and new potential customer.

Grow Your Business faster Our
Reward Management Solution

Reward & Engage

This platform will help brands to
engage and reward both their
existing and new potential

Management Platform

The integration of reward
management platform, it ensure
effective promotions

Customer Experience

In the end, it's all about your
customers. Build their trust and help.

Key Features of RewardPlus

Ensures effective promotions, quick consumer acquisitions, up-selling/
cross-selling and enhancing brand loyalty and engagement.

Simplified Reward Programs

ADN Reward Plus, simplifies the entire process of
managing and implementing reward programs. Our
Reward Management Solution allows you to effortlessly
create, customize, and manage multiple customer Reward based programs

Flexible Reward Options

With ADN RewardPlus, we offer a diverse selection to
ensure there’s something for everyone, enabling you
to create personalized and meaningful rewards

Campaign Performance Tracking and Analytics

Our advanced tracking and analytics tools provide
valuable insights for your reward based campaign. Monitor engagement levels, track individual
and area wise performance, and make data-driven
decisions to continuously optimize your campaign

Create and Design Channel Strategies

Direct interaction with the end consumer through a variety of digital platforms, which resulting in successful consumer engagement

Improve Customer Experience

With the help of data driven campaigns insights, brands
can plan effective re-engaging and retargeting campaign strategies

About Us

ADN Diginet’s full suite of cloud infrastructure, applications, messaging & business automation solutions will help you unleash new possibilities. Our platforms will help you establish breakthrough capabilities & provide new profitable revenue streams for your business.

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