Gain access to all our web application (ERP) modules once or pick and choose to build your perfect system. ADN Diginet Cloud Apps boasts an impressive collection of web applications to handle your business process automation tasks.


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Industry wise ‘off-the-rack’ plan or
custom design


Module-based solution for every

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Complete business automation applications to manage the functionalities for all
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About ADN Diginet

ADN Diginet Cloud is the foundation of the ADN Diginet Ecosystem. Our goal is to simplify the purchase & usage of digital infrastructure for the average user.

ADN Diginet | Cloud was developed with the idea of simplifying the purchase, installation, and usage of web infrastructure in mind. Management of infrastructure for your web assets such as websites, applications, software & ERPs can be quite a hassle and requires an entire army of developers and engineers at your disposal. We are here to cut down those management costs for you while still delivering the best cloud hosting, computing & storage experience.

Amazing Features of SalesRace

CRM – Lead Management

By using our CRM, one can maintain omni-channel marketing activity, manage your customers database, sales, pick/pack and shipping and many more.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Our manufacturing software enables you to check your stoke level in real time which helps you to create future budget and decisions.

Supply Chain Module

Supply chain management modules digitalized your order process, vendor management process, purchase process, receiving product and return management.

Accounting ERP

It is a good time to switch your accounting and financial activities to an integrated system. This enables you to see any data or report in real time.

Document Management

All in one document management system will help you to find different documents from different departments and provides different levels of user access to ensure security.

HR Capital Management

Management and collaboration of attendance, task, project, leave, payroll can simplify your HR process as well as gives you transparency in an individual’s performance.

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Your search for the most reliable Enterprise resource planning service now meets ADN Diginet. Reach us through social networking platforms, call us at our customer service numbers or drop an e-mail anytime.

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