SSL Certification

SSL Certificate is the basic security feature for website which encrypts all the data-transfer from the website. It creates a secure digital tunnel that blocks hackers and thieves from seeing usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other valuable data. At ADN Diginet we help you achieve that by providing you with a experience that’s easy to understand, buy, use & optimize.

Secure your online assets

Best-in-class security solution

  • Simplify the purchase, installation & usage of your digital infrastructure
  • Management of the security of your web-based infrastructures such as websites, applications, software & ERPs.
  • Login to your Account to talk to our support team, purchase additional services or to calculate your future SSL certification costs.
  • Customize our cloud hosting with various SSL Certification virtual and build your perfect system.
  • Cut down your unnecessary website security cost and effort and provide us with the responsibility to secure your digital assets.

Our SSL Certification Plan

Sectigo SSL Certification

  • Sectigo is a leading cybersecurity provider of digital identity solutions, including TLS / SSL certificates, DevOps, IoT, and enterprise-grade PKI management

Digicert SSL Certification

  • SSL certificates by DigiCert secure unlimited servers with the strongest encryption and highest authentication available.

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with Cloud Infrastructure

The on-demand virtual space of cloud computing has unlimited storage space and more server resources. Cloud servers can scale up or down depending on the level of traffic your website receives, and you will have full control to install any software as and when you need to. With traditional IT infrastructure, you can only use the resources that are already available to you. If you run out of storage space, the only solution is to purchase or rent another server. If you hire more employees, you will need these to be manually uploaded on your hardware
A dedicated CPU means that your company would have CPUs or cores that are exclusively assigned to you, and only you individually can use them

There are many ways your website can be slow- 

  • Your need to update your server package as you have a lot of traffics and web pages than before 
  • You might need to update your RAM, CPU or bandwidth to meet the growing need of your web page visitor 
  • Your website might need an CDN 
  • Your website might have some issues or bugs that prevents natural flow 
  • Your website can be built on backdated versions of languages, frameworks, architectures etc.  

We provide: 

  • Cloud Instances 
  • Load Balancers 
  • Volume Storage 
  • Block Storage 
  • SSL certification  
  • CPanel 
  • Domain 
A data center is a building, or a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems

Global Data Centers 

  • Atlanta 
  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt 
  • Fremont 
  • London 
  • Mumbai 
  • Newark 
  • Singapore 
  • Sydney 
  • Tokyo 
  • Toronto 

Worried About Security Hassels

ADN Diginet | SSL is a managed service built for digital business, developers, and e-commerce, and everything is backed up by our Professional and Friendly support team
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