Change of Price in Our .

Dear Clients,

Thank you for choosing ADN SMS and supporting us. We are writing to let you know that there are some pricing changes to our Masking SMS Service.

We had to review our pricing strategy due to Mobile Network Operator (Robi Axiata Limited) price change. We want to make sure that ADN SMS is always as useful and efficient as possible – that is why we want to continue this journey and our client is always our first priority.

To make this happen, we had to reset the, Masking SMS price at 0.45 Tk per SMS including 5% VAT for all Masked SMS sent via Robi and Airtel channel. If you do not agree with the updated price then all Masked SMS via Robi and Airtel sms channel will be send from Non-Masked channel.

We understand that you may need some time to make a decision regarding the updated pricing. Therefore, the existing rates will be applicable til 25th December 2021.

Within this time, kindly confirm if your decision via email. Our KAMs will also get in touch with you to answer all of your queries and to help you to make a decision in this regard.

Kindly note, the new rate of 0.45 tk/sms for masked sms via Robi and Airtel channels will be effective from 26th December 2021.

We are looking forward to your response and kind cooperation. Feel free to reach out anytime.


ADN DigiNet Management

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