Server migration notice

Dear Sir/Madam, We are notifying all clients on the ADN server that we are migrating so you can be aware of the changes and be prepared. Why are we migrating that server? We are migrating to update to better hardware (CPU, RAM, Disk, etc.). CPU, RAM, and Disk space are something we feel could be improved on several of our cPanel nodes and ... Read More »

22nd Sept 2022
Doller Rate Update | Notice

Dear Customer, Please be advised that, due to the fluctuation in the dollar rate, we have readjusted our Dollar to the BDT conversion rate. We have to adjust prices as per Dollar to BDT conversion for all Domain and Hosting services effective date immediately. Currently 1 USD = 96 BDT, As always, we are committed to providing quality products ... Read More »

14th Jun 2022
ADNservers has launched it's Singapore Data-center

ADNservers has launched it's Singapore Data-center today. It is going to be a great news for the customers of South Asia who likes to have hosting from nearby country. 

ADNserver ensures 99.9% money back guarantee with the hosting packages that are provided from Singapore.

23rd Jan 2018